Web3 Social Data I/O Port

In the Web2 world, user data exists on different platforms in isolation and cannot be reached easily by the users, while on Web3 networks, on-chain user activities can be captured and stored in a 'decentralized' way, meaning that Web3 users have full ownership of their data instead of giving out data for free.
Recognizing the numerous benefits that Web3 brings about, we have created Port3 Network.

Port3 Network aims to build a social data gateway to Web3 by unlocking community profiling. We will not only serve project parties, investors & researchers but also communities and users, as we believe user retention is highly important. Port3 Network has four objectives:
  • To help users grasp market trends in a wholistic view, and optimize investment decisions;
  • To allow users to establish Web3 identity and have decentralized data ownership in an accessible way;
  • To increase utility of the governance token and improve user willingness to engage and contribute.
  • To accelerate the social data migration from Web2 to Web3.
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