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Build bots/tools to better serve and facilitate the communities, and record on-chain interactions of each user by ID.
  • Real-time market quotes
  • Airdrop auto claim
  • Task rewards
  • Community profiling
  • Market sentiment

We push information flow within the communities served by our bots, every time members interact with the bots, your bespoken information will be presented.
There are a few primary concepts that the Marketing Measurement system uses to model your marketing campaign's success.
Touchpoints are records of the interactions that a user has with one of your marketing campaigns. This may include actions such as clicking on a banner ad, opening a marketing email, or following a referral link from an influencer.
Events are actions that a user takes either in-game or on one of your owned properties. This may include buying your game, completing in-game purchases, playing matches, signing up for an email list, creating a community account, or a host of other actions.
Goals are specific Events or combinations of Events that you are trying to drive users to complete. This may include buying your game, first match completed, user reactivation, or any other combination of events.

SoGraph collects and visualizes real-time data around THESE metrics across the web2 & web3 network, specifically catering to users’ needs.
Users can gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends, and optimize investment decisions through the SoGraph platform.
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